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Our platform is built with the latest technologies, which allows our customers to have a painless integration process. We realise integration in days, not months. Through our modern RESTful API, we offer a future-proof gateway, which connects you easily to the e-Commerce world.

API principles: REST, JSON, HTTP

API-PSP integration: Server initiated request + client redirect + notifications

API security: SSL/TLS, SHA256 signatures, API key based authentication

API complexity: As easy as connecting the merchant to the PSP

Implementation: Days of effort (not weeks) + testing

CreditClick Price Module

The CreditClick Price Module enhances conversion by highlighting the estimated cost per month already on the product page and in the shopping cart (“Pay at once or pay X per month”).  The estimated cost per month is calculated automatically and is explained to the consumer in compliance with the local credit regulation.

CreditClick Price Module is available for WooCommerce and Magento 2 eCommerce platforms as a plugin. It is also possible to integrate the CreditClick Price Module in your custom web shop implementation. See our GitHub repositories for more information.

Custom Implementation

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PSP API Documentation is available on request as well as a PSP Sandbox.

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