Give your customer the option to spread the cost!

CreditClick is a new payment method that enables instant and real time online credit as a payment method for your customers . At no additional costs for the Merchant.

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No Merchant costs?

How does it work? A customer has to register only once. After which he has been scored positively his open to buy credit facility is opened. This credit line can then be used instantly to purchase goods and services in your online store. during checkout. You, as a merchant, receive the full purchase amount. This will allow you to increase your conversion rate without any additional costs. 

This makes CreditClick the first truly free payment method for merchants.

The following PSP's offer CreditClick

Are you connected to one of the following Payment Service Providers? Great, this means you can simply activate CreditClick in your PSP environment. If not, not problem, connecting still is easy! We would love to help you further!

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Connecting is easy

As a web shop owner, you are only too familiar with the orienting customer who ultimately does not buy the product. A common reason is that at that time the customer does not have the money available or simply does not want to pay the amount at once. This is a missed opportunity for both the consumer and the online store. Read all about connecting in our manual.

My CreditClick
Select your PSP
If your current PSP does not yet support CreditClick, you can use a different PSP for the CreditClick transactions.
the technical mplementation fase
Technical implementation
The technical implementation of CreditClick always runs via a PSP and is simply a matter of connecting,
Boost conversion with the CreditClick price module
CreditClick Price Module
Increase your conversion immediately! With adding a few lines of code is the Price Module available in your web shop.

Key benefits

European solution

Internationally accepted solution

Instant buying power

Available instantly when needed

Increased conversion

New revenue streams from new market

No service charge

Zero Merchant Service Charge

Guaranteed payments

No chargebacks, guaranteed payment

Simple integration

Modern and straightforward APIs

Increase Conversion

You, as a merchant, are given the opportunity to increase your conversion rates by offering loans to consumers, creating instant buying power and, therefore instant extra sales.

The CreditClick platform gives the capability to create substantial new business in the online eCommerce world at no cost.

Webshop Manual

Download here your webshop implementation guide to boost your webshop conversion together with CreditClick.The manual contains practical tips on positioning, branding and integration, among other things.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding CreditClick or if you accidentally run into any problems while using CreditClick, please reach out! we are more than happy to help.  Vist our FAQ the most frequently asked questions and answers.