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Pay online with instant credit

What is CreditClick?

CreditClick is a new way of paying for your online purchases. Instead of paying immediately the full amount at purchase or at delivery, CreditClick offers you the possibility to spread the cost over several months.

Why pay now if you can spread the costs?

How It Works

Just select “CreditClick” as a payment method in the checkout procedure. Fill in the registration form to become a new CreditClick customer. Get approval instantly from the Credit Supplier. Digitally sign your credit agreement. Immediately after that, you can use the loan to pay for your purchase.

The whole process will not take longer than 5 minutes if you have all information at hand.

Step 1

Select CreditClick during checkout

Step 2

Register and apply for a loan

Step 3

Get approval instantly

Step 4

Sign the Credit Agreement

Step 5

Use the loan to pay for your purchase

Enjoy your purchase

Get purchase confirmation instantly

What makes us unique?

Additional Buying Power

With CreditClick we give you instant buying power to complete your purchase.

Real-time Loan Approval

CreditClick offers you the ability to get and use the loan during checkout.

You only pay interest over the amount you use for your purchase.

Complete Transparency

Your loan, your money. Completely transparent.
No hidden cost, no surprises.

From the moment you become a CreditClick user, it is clear how much you have borrowed and how much you have to pay back and when.

Responsible Lending

CreditClick aims to satisfy all our customers’ financial needs, while being committed to being a responsible consumer payment method. As responsible lending is key to our mission and success, we strictly prohibit abusive, misleading, or fraudulent lending practices. 

Our four promises for responsible lending:

Ability to repay is Priority 1 for us

We only approve credit applications where we believe the borrower has the ability to repay the credit.

Customer Service is key

We provide timely responses to our customer questions and complaints and will take prompt corrective actions.

Transparent information at all times

We provide you with the information you need to make fully informed decisions about our credit products and services.

Direct Approval

We promise to approve or decline your loan within minutes after supplying the full application form.

Customer Support

Most frequently asked questions and answers​

CreditClick is a new payment method that allows consumers to open a new line of credit during checkout and instantly use it to purchase items online. 

CreditClick as a payment method is free to use by consumers and merchants. As a consumer, you only pay interest over the amount of credit used.

You can pay with CreditClick at any online merchant who accepts CreditClick and displays the CreditClick logo.

Yes. Your information is perfectly safe. We respect your privacy and take great care in making sure your information is protected such that it can’t be used for anything other then the intended purpose.

Yes, after you have paid parts of the loan back, you can re-use it up to the agreed credit limit.

Sure! With all CreditClick loans it is possible to repay the loans back earlier.

Please contact us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.