Additional sales at no cost

CreditClick for Merchants

CreditClick is a new payment method that enables instant and real time online credit as a payment method for your customers. A customer has to register only once. After which he has been scored positively his open to buy credit facility is opened. This credit line can then be used instantly to purchase goods and services in your online store. during checkout. You, as a merchant, receive the full purchase amount. This will allow you to increase your conversion rate without any additional costs. 

This makes CreditClick the first truly free payment method for merchants.

Webshop Manual

Download here your webshop implementation guide to boost your webshop conversion together with CreditClick.
The manual contains practical tips on positioning, branding and integration, among other things.

Increase Conversion

You, as a merchant, are given the opportunity to increase your conversion rates by offering loans to consumers, creating instant buying power and, therefore instant extra sales.

The CreditClick platform gives the capability to create substantial new business in the online eCommerce world at no cost.

Dynamic Advertisement

Through our free-to-use plugins you can show the acceptance of CreditClick on your product page. This will enable your customers to see that you are supporting CreditClick.

Instant Buying Power

Your customers want to purchase your product, but lack the instant buying power to complete the sale?. CreditClick gives you customers exactly that, Instant Buying Power.

No Cost

CreditClick is the first truly free payment method. Merchants don’t pay for CreditClick. 
No Service Cost.
No Setup Cost.
No Marketing Cost.

Guaranteed Payments

CreditClick transactions are guaranteed purchases. The purchase amounts are paid  the moment the credit for the purchase is approved by the Credit Supplier and used for the purchase. 

Immediately Available

CreditClick acceptance is arranged by your Payment Service Provider (PSP). As a merchant you only need to contact your PSP to activate CreditClick. No technical effort is required! Available immediately.

Key Benefits


Pan-European Solution

One payment method for Europe


Instant Buying Power

At the moment it is needed


Increased Conversion

New revenue streams


No Service Charge

Zero Merchant Service Charge


Guaranteed Payments

No chargebacks


Simple Integration

No technical effort needed

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